Hyde Soak

Hyde Soak Lithium Project (E70/4875 - 100% Boadicea)

The Hyde Soak Lithium Project covers an area of 252km2 located 115km northeast of Geraldton.

Boadicea applied for the Hyde Soak Project area on the basis of a large, modest tenor, but coherent lithium soil anomaly defined by broad spaced (2-4km) WA Geological Survey regional soil sampling programs. At the +20 ppm lithium contour, this anomaly is at least 20km long and 8 km wide and peaks at 45.5ppm Li. Geological outcrop in the area is very limited, but it is considered that the existing anomaly is most likely clay hosted and associated with a partially buried ancient lake / river system, the remnants of which are visible in aerial photography.

Initial fieldwork was completed in June 2017 which comprised geochemical sampling on 1km spacings along 5 lines across parts of the GSWA anomaly. This program confirmed extensive, coherent albeit modest tenor, lithium anomalism.

Follow-up exploration programs are currently being planned for the first half of 2018.

 Hyde Soak Lithium Project - BOA & GSWA Lithium Soil Geochemical Results