Symons Hill Ni-Cu Project WA (E28/1932 - 100% Boadicea) 

The Symons Hill Project is located within the Fraser Range Province of Western Australia, east of Norseman and approximately 200 kilometres southeast of Kalgoolie and covers an area of 73 square kilometres.

The company's exploration licence adjoins to the northeast, the Mining Licence hosting the world class Nova-Bollinger nickel-copper discovery. Nova-Bollinger, is owned by the Independence Group NL, after it completed the $1.8 billion takeover of the previous owner, Sirius Resources, during late 2015. Interestingly, corporate activity has heightened in the Fraser Range region since the takeover of Sirius culminating in the $20 million takeover of Winward Resources by Independence in October 2016. In July 2018, Independence Group announced the $21 million acquisition of the Creasy Groups Southern Hills Project, which adjoins Nova to the South.

Boadicea is advancing the Symons Hill Project systematically, collecting and analysing quality datasets and drill testing priority targets, as warranted.


Figure 1 - Symons Hill Project - Location of Bell Ringer Prospect Over High Resolution Gravity Image. Mining Lease M28/376 is owned by Independence Group NL.

Modelling of the MLEM survey completed during the March Quarter identified 11 conductive anomalies. 7 of these anomalies were of low conductance or too broad and the response was considered not to represent potential sulphides and likely related to stratigraphy. However, importantly 3 late-time, flat-lying conductors are considered significant to have the potential to represent sulphide accumulations, and in conjunction with the magnetic and gravity interpretation warrant drill testing. Details of the conductors are presented in Table 1 and Figure 2. The subtle anomaly at target SH-14 was affected by noise and difficult to model, however due to the coincident gravity and magnetic signature is also considered a target warranting drilling.


 Symons Hill Project

Figure 2 - Symons Hill Project – Priority Conductors A1 to A3 over imaged plan of the late time Channel 39 (371.2ms) Z component EM.


Table 1 - Symons Hill Project – Details of Defined MLEM Conductors





 Conductor Name




 Modelled Length




 Modelled Depth Below Surface




 Modelled Dip




 Conductance (siemens)





Planned Work Programs

The Company is very encouraged by results of the MLEM program, especially in the light of coincident aeromagnetic and gravity features, which were the reasons the targets were originally selected. The Company plans to drill test the conductors and targets as a priority and is in the process of obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and subject to rig availability will complete the drilling as soon as feasible.

On 21st May Boadicea announced that Independence Group (IGO) were planning to further drill test their Elara Prospect located ~1,500m from the Symons Hill Project (Figure 3). In the IGO March 2019 Quarterly Report and presentation of 16 May 2019,  they confirmed that drill hole SFRD0738 at the Elara Prospect intersected a thick package of key “Nova style” rock types, and that Down Hole Electromagnetic’s (DHEM) identified an off hole conductor at 1200m downhole. In light of this the Company is also considering additional MLEM surveys over untested targets in the southern portion of the Project.


Figure 3 – Image taken from IGO’s March 2019 Quarterly Report overlying regional magnetics showing the Elara Prospect location on the Nova Mining Lease, approximately 1500m from the Symons Hill Project.