New Projects

Fraser South Nickel-Copper Project (E63/1859 – 100% Boadicea)  

During early September 2017, the Company applied for a 158km2 Exploration Licence (E63/1859) in the south of the Fraser Range region. The application area is currently being processed through Native Title reviews etc and, subject to final grant by the DMIRS, will add significantly to Boadicea`s existing exploration portfolio within the Fraser Range. 


Boadicea has made applications to the DMIRS for a number of additional Exploration Licences that are considered prospective for nickel and gold. These Licences are at various stages in the application process and further details will be advised as they come closer to granting.

In addition to the lodged applications, the company has been actively targeting and reviewing a number of new project opportunities with a focus on gold, lithium and nickel.