Wildara Lithium – Gold Project (E36/873 – 100% Boadicea)

The Wildara Project is located 30km southwest of Leinster in the northeast Goldfields region of
Western Australia, and now comprises the one granted Exploration Licence covering an area of 60km2.
The project area has been targeted on the basis of highly anomalous lithium results from a
Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (“MRIWA”) regional scale bore water geochemical sampling program across the northern Yilgarn Craton. Six bores are located within
the project area, including the 5th highest (1,140ug/L) lithium anomalous bore within the entire
3,120 sample dataset.
In late 2018 a reconnaissance surface geochemical programme was completed to test the lithium
and gold potential. No results of significance were returned. The Company is currently
reassessing the Project to identify additional targets for warranted geochemical programs.

 Wildara Lithium Project - Location & Lithium Results For MRIWA Water Bore Sampling (Results in ug/L) Over GSWA Aeromagnetics